A Charged Convergence

On the 25th of Juliary, 614 years after the Coming of Estarra, members of Hallifax were called upon by Researcher An’ouri Oolin of the Diamond Research Project to learn of a new research development conducted within the laboratories. Researcher An’ouri Oolin briefly spoke to the members of the previous study of a specimen, delivered many years ago from New Celest, that was stuck in a perpetual time loop. Now, armed with a suitable device aimed to recreate the same effect over a large area, she sought assistance in carrying out the experiment.

Chairwoman Alexandria Shevat was entrusted with the device, and was instructed to deliver it to the Skarch Desert below the Lucidian Mesa Compound. Members of the Collective scrambled around the Mesa Compound, extracting passcode clues from the guards under the guidance of Indiau Eepex. Luce Shevat, Alexandria Shevat, Azazilliy Skydrifter and Calioliahali Skydrifter gathered the clues while Zalan Shevat stayed with the device, cracking the clues and enabling the device.

Once enabled, the device seemed to work as intended until the temporal energies within the area rose to critical levels, and Hallifax was warned of the potential for a convergence. Reality wavered in the Skarch Desert, visages of people and a looming onyx fortress fading in and out of existence. Kr’xil, an engineer presumably from the other side of the convergence, showed up almost immediately to interrogate whom he considered to be visitors intruding upon the Dominion of Hallifax.

His Hallifax was certainly different for he spoke of a Warlord, scientific domination of the Basin, and his trill features bore crystalline growths. Before he could be interrogated properly, he fled to his own city, and the convergence continued in full swing, seemingly empowered now by the onyx fortress of Hallifax. The Hallifax of this timeline, under the guidance of Ismbard Brunl and An’ouri Oolin, attempted to shut off the device by overcharging it with their own power, while defending themselves and the device from invading crystalline creatures.

Dark grey clouds gathered above the Skarch Desert as a swarm of crystalline creatures approached the experiment location. As the temporal energy levels peaked, bolts of white lightning struck down into the approaching swarm, one striking the device and generating enough power to separate the timelines. Analysis suggested the power was Immanidivinus in origin, to the surprise of many. And just as relief surged over all gathered, arcs of fulminating brilliance surged across the firmament as Zvoltz, the Architect returned to the First World.

But what has kept the Lord Architect away from the First World for so long? Where has He been? And what has prompted Him to return now, of all times?