Manifestations of the Dreaming

While the full rundown of the latest changes can be found in Changelog #2613, we would like to give you a little extra insight into the decision to further amend some aspects of the Manifestations system. The biggest change sees Manifestations invincible throughout the empowerment process which we feel helps align this conflict event with its intended design.

In this particular case, the objective is to prove one’s ability as a hunter of Manifestations and the event may involve PvP too. That goal can be undermined all too easily by simply slaying another organisation’s Aspects/Elemental Lords due to their reset window being longer than the reset of the sands procured from Manifestations. Were an attack on Aspects/ELs a more difficult, multi-layered undertaking, they would continue to be vulnerable during that time, but due to a combination of factors (gnomeweapons, Aspects/ELs not being challenging targets, and finally the hunt being a short window) that is not the case.

We may augment that system further in the future, perhaps open more avenues for competing in that particular conflict event, but for the time being we will continue to monitor the latest revisions.