Exploration Update

As previously announced by Iashe on the forums in January, IRE has been working on a new Nexus client. A major part of this new client is the mapping features that are going to be directly affected by player exploration data. As a result of this change – we needed to make a significant change to what counts as an explorable room or not.

The major change is that previously, only rooms with id’s divisible by three counted for explorers. Now every room will be counted for explorers. Other factors still in place will cause a room to not count, such as God realms, guildhalls, battle chess arenas, newbie areas, manses, homesteads, and various other things, but the big change is the numeric id change.

As a result – everybody’s rankings have been reset and converted to the new tracking but given only a third of the rooms were counting before, your ranking is now going to be a lot (lot) lower. All rooms that counted previously still count, they’re not erased or anything, you’re just missing the rooms that were previously not counted. If you were previously at 100%, you’re now at 33%.

So, for those of you that care – get out there and re-explore everything, and maybe you’ll find something new and fun!