Haunting Vengeance Results

The Haunting brought many to the Haunted House and one eventful night the visitors gathered to compete in a vengeance game tournament. This time, however, they would not play in the setting of the Vernal Wars. They faced something much more recent – the times of the Curse of the Sunken Heart.

The populace consisted of the Bloodtide Coven and the assassins were the Cursed of the Sunken Heart, seeking to end the Curse. Eleven players entered the tournament and by morning, two were already dead. One by the hand of one of the Cursed, and one by the hand of a drunken pirate seeking to take vengeance on the Coven. Unfortunately, the drunken pirate’s vengeance was misdirected and one of the Cursed was felled instead of one of the Coven.

That boded ill for the Cursed ones and indeed, another assassin was drowned by nightfall. The next night was eventful as the Sea Witch and the Tender of Fireweeds, both of the Coven, were dispatched quietly. Despite many arguments, no judgement was made the next day and so the darkness allowed the remaining Cursed one and the drunken pirate to stalk unhindered. But in another twist of fate, it is each other that they dispatched rather than one of the Bloodtide Coven.

And so, the Bloodtide Coven stood victorious and a new age of the Red Tide overtook the Basin of Life in storms and floods, the Elders who stood against Lady of the Lagoon were imprisoned forevermore. Congratulations to Caoilfhoinn, Nepenthe, Tyrus, and Uzriel, who each took 150 credits home for their victory!