The Haunted House Opens

The Haunted House is now open with lots of attractions provided by the business savvy of Trader Bob and his Merchant Peak’s Coterie. A wide selection of costumes (including new ones!) can be purchased within in addition to a slew of activities available to enjoy: pumpkin carving, web-making in the basement, two unique vengeance games, a basement maze, bobbing for apples, fortune reading, haunted furniture, spooky refreshments, and two spooky plays. In the basement you can also find a mirror which leads to an enormous maze with many mysteries and very unique challenges.

If you happen upon an odd doorway hanging in the middle of the air, be wary! Knock upon it only if you dare! The Oracle of the Earthburner herself has cursed the Haunted House and the Basin at large.

To make sure you don’t miss out on anything the Coterie has prepared a Haunting Adventure to guide you through all of the activities. Be sure to pick up a pamphlet at the door. The Haunted House is located on the Stairs of Death on Avechna’s Peak and will stay open until the weave on November 7th.