Anniversary Battlechess Results

Mid-Dvarsh did the frustrated lamentations of Xuck, the Strategic Chicken reach the Basin at large. The sorrow of his fellow feathered friends eating the pieces of his game rather than placing them drove him to the extreme: requesting the favoured game of the Gods themselves be played by adventurers throughout the Basin. Not seeking to request something for nothing, he offered the prized Chessboard of Libertas to whichever organisation should muster a team that would prove triumphant over all others!

Ayisdra Ysav’rai, of Hallifax, Sutekh n’Lochli, of Gaudiguch, Tyrus Myeras, of Serenwilde, and Gurashi Skydrifter, of New Celest, stepped forward to lead the teams of their homes as King. Though some organisations mustered more of a fighting force than the others, in the first battle between Gaudiguch and Hallifax Sutekh’s masterful, aggressive placement of his queen saw Ayisdra too late to recall his own before his untimely defeat, and Gaudiguch claimed the first round. Though the round between Serenwilde and New Celest was much more drawn out, Gurashi’s quick rebuttal in the form of sending their queen to face Tyrus saw the latter fall beneath the blades he faced.

In the ultimate match, the bout was far less drawn out and quickly more decided. Dys Mzithrei returned as Sutekh’s queen, and his masterful forward march saw her claim Gurashi’s head in less than ten moves. With such excellent strategy showcased, the Chessboard of Libertas was moved to Gaudiguch, where it may now be enjoyed by all of its citizens. Congratulations Sutekh, and congratulations Gaudiguch!