Anniversary Treasure Hunt Results

Life is hard when you’re Buck, the Iniquitous Chicken. Everyone wants you to do something and you just want to sip on your pumpkin spice tea at the Triple Junction Inn. Thankfully there are many adventurers who are more than happy to spread joy in Buck’s stead. Gifting them with little toy harlequins from the Menestrean Wayfaire, Buck urged them to seek out places that need joy and laughter so he could rest in peace instead.

The harlequin would not speak plainly, of course, that is not their way. With riddles, the toys lead adventurers all over the Basin and spread joy to those in need. Eritheyl took the lead early but faltered midway, overtaken by Sutekh. In the end, it was down to the two of them still, with Eritheyl coming in first. Onya, Tyrus, Ayisdra, Yire, and Essoheli vied for third but Onya was the quickest. Many others continued to travel far with their toys in hand, eager to spread the wonders of the Wayfaire to the Basin.

The toys can still be picked up at the Triple Junction Inn even now if one but toasts Estarra there and they can be used to spread joy even after the Wayfaire has gone, all the way until the Haunting.

First Place (300 credits): Eritheyl, of Gaudiguch
Second Place (150 credits): Sutekh, of Gaudiguch
Third Place (50 credits): Onya, of Hallifax