Ascension of Malayn

The first to hold the staff was Kalas Ruiku, picking it up swift as the wind from the Astrosphere of Pisces. He brought it to Kalas Malarious of Magnagora who had the support of the combined powers of Gaudiguch, Magnagora, and Serenwilde. Knowing well that the Almighty’s power has manifested upon Capricorn, Malarious rushed there to prove his worth to Avechna. He never relinquished the staff from that moment on, holding onto it firmly despite the numerous organised attempts to wrest it from him by the united might of Glomdoring, Hallifax, and New Celest.

Meanwhile, within the Basin of Life, the broken Seals allowed Almighty Kethuru to assault the Prime Plane. Sending forth the Daemuru of Cardinals to Oleanvir Valley, He began the conquest. Though many attempted to slay the Daemuru, it was Huskii Myeras, Alarin Ka’liati, and Gyron La’Saet who showed the most devotion to accomplishing the task. It was a battle as long as the one happening upon the Astral Plane but in the end, Gyorn did land the final blow. It was not Gyorn who would deliver the body of the Daemuru to any of the Seals, however, as Galaphyrae Talnara acquired it and brought it forth to the Cave of Death instead.

On Astral, Kethuru continued to manifest His power upon the Astrospheres, forcing those seeking to seal Him away to change tactics and locale frequently. Eventually, Malarious was triumphant in proving himself to Avechna and became the True Ascendant to recharge the seals. The process was arduous but he persevered and was born again under the name Malayn.

All hail, Malayn, the True Ascendant of Death!