Calling Mortal Builders!

We are the Camenae, the Administrators of Building, and we are again looking for any Lusternians who enjoy creative writing, especially descriptive writing, and who would like to help Lusternia by apply to be a mortal builder. Currently, we are opening a formal applicant call in order to fill our pool of active builders. If you are interested, creative, eager and interested in making a few credits on the side, we would like to hire you!

As a mortal builder, you are expected to maintain complete and utter secrecy on any project you are assigned. If you leak information on classified projects, or privileged administration information in general, be prepared to face DIRE CONSEQUENCES. We emphasise this by requiring all mortal builders to sign a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and send it back to us before any work can commence. Once signed, you will have the opportunity to work your way up from apprentice builder to architect and prove yourself as trustworthy, reliable and able to produce quality work, with the eventual possibility of developing your own areas.

As per HELP MORTAL BUILDERS, there are three stages to go through, each of which possessing their own opportunities and credit rewards.

In order to apply, please submit an application to with the following information:

* Your name and your character name(s)
* 5 sample room descriptions, preferably of varied locations
* A brief (250 words max) description for a new Lusternian area, including its main story and how it fits into the Lusternian mythos
* A brief (250 words max) characterisation of yourself and why you think you may be a good builder for Lusternia

Also note, only those who are 18 years of age or older may apply to be a Mortal Builder, due to the legalities associated with the NDA.

If you have any questions, please read HELP MORTAL BUILDERS carefully, which has some helpful hints and insights on what is involved in being a mortal builder. You are also welcome to message us, the Camenae, for questions that are not covered in the HELP file. Please do use the HELP as your first source, however!

While building is a lot of work and responsibility, it is also very rewarding to see your ideas grow and take shape in the actual world of Lusternia. It is not for everyone, but for those who have a knack for creativity, it is something fun to do while also earning credits for your pocket.

NOTE: Applications will remain open until Sunday, October 24th at 23:59 GMT to give adequate time for writing fantastic and impressive descriptions. Those selected for interview may be notified by us AFTER the application deadline.

Good luck, and we look forward to reading your applications!

– the Camenae