Klangratch Exercises

As Avechna has announced the Klangratch Exercises (Public Post #1909), we’d like to give you a bit more info on this event. Driven in part by reports that there were lag spikes during Chaos, but also a general desire to do some extra testing before the Final Ascension, we would like to field test a proper brawl. We can only do so effectively if we run lag reports during large combat situations, ideally ones close to the final conditions.

That’s where the Klangratch Exercises come in. We want to run tests on as large a fight as possible and so encourage all of you to show up to the event. Even if you’re not terribly interested in the PvP aspect of Lusternia, show up if you’re able to because every single person, even just running around and webbing, helps the test a lot.

To create as close conditions to Astral as possible, we’ll be dropping some berserk and tracking astral mobs into the arena but we will lower their level significantly. We want them to be part of the equation but not as large a one as to make the war games frustrating. You will also accrue insanity in the arena but it will be cured upon leaving.

We will hold three war games, one after the other, and you will be rewarded 20 credits for participating in each – for a total of 60 credits if you participate in all three. In addition, if you participate in all three, you will also be awarded an Iron Coin.

Hope to see you on September 5th at 11pm GMT!