September Wheel Spins

For the month of September, we have Iron Coins available to purchase from the website! You can spin these coins at the Wheel of Tzaraziko found at the Cave of Chaos. Additionally, everyone will get one free spin per day by using SPIN WHEEL FREE! Check out HELP IRON COINS for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Iron Coins are the regular coins you are used to using with the Wheel of Tzaraziko. They are not the old iron versions of the coins which were more lucky. The name of the coins has been changed because their original name has a derogatory connotation in many languages and has been used to dehumanize the Romani peoples. This change will extend to Curios and the Wayfaire come Anniversary as well.

Every Monday we’ll also have Klangratch’s Mighty Mondays which will boost the damage you deal against denizens.