A Lost Friend

A psionic bleed of emotions overflowed into the minds of users of telepathy and those of the kepheran race: glimpses of a worker going about her chores, tinged with an overwhelming feeling of loss and fear. The visions culminated in the location of Sahma, a young kephera from the Neferti Fungus Gardens, whose tears flowed in fear for the fate of her very best friend – Princess. Tridemon and Xenthos arrived first, greeted by a distraught young kephera cowering from the influx of illithoid within her hive. Quickly following both were Esei, Gurashi, Calioliahali and Sutekh.

Through a series of questions, Sahma revealed that she was distressed about the fate of her friend. She asked those gathered to help her sneak out from the Gardens and soon the group had gathered in her small cave located in the Northern Passages. Sutekh stepped forward to fully assist the young kephera, gathering what was needed to lure Princess back home, while the others spoke with Sahma and calmed her nerves.

Soon Sutekh had everything needed and headed off to find Sahma’s pet. What he found surprised and astonished everyone while Sahma rejoiced. Slowly, Sahma’s visitors departed with her thanks, leaving her alone with her best friend and pet Princess.