Season d’Amour

Throughout the month of February, you’ll be able to purchase special seasonal cards that you can write notes on and deliver to anyone you want to send a little note to during Season d’Amour.

See CARD for more information on how to write on and deliver these cards to others. Your messages will be limited to 120 characters so be concise! You can also customise these cards before sending, PROBE them for more information on that. 

Sending these cards to others comes with a myriad of bonuses:

  • each time you deliver a card, both you and recipient will receive a random piece of the Red Heart curio set
  • you’ll also receive 50 credits for every 25 cards sent and 500 credits if you send 250 cards
  • each weave, you’ll receive one of three types of heartboxes depending on how many cards you’ve sent the previous weave
  • each weave, the player that has delivered the most cards the previous weave will receive 25 bound credits
  • each weave the player that has received the most cards the previous weave will receive 25 bound credits

The three types of heartboxes that you may receive may have the following potential prizes:

Bronze Heartbox – 20-40 bound credits, or an artifact worth 30-50 credits, or 2 presents.
Silver Heartbox – 150-175 bound credits, or an artifact worth 200-250 credits, or 2 wondercrystals, or 10 presents.
Gold Heartbox – 800-950 bound credits, or an artifact worth 1000-1250 credits, or 12 wondercrystals, or 50 presents.

For every card you’ve sent, you’ll accumulate a Bronze Heartbox. If you send 5 cards, your Bronze Heartboxes will turn into a Silver Heartbox, and if you send 25 cards they will instead change into a Gold Heartbox. This works for each card, so if you’ve sent 8 cards, at the end of the weave you’ll receive 1 Silver Heartbox and 3 Bronze Heartboxes.

You’ll also have a chance to earn cards in-game in a whole new quest! Dolly d’Amour, now residing in a cottage by Delport, has commenced Season d’Amour which has brought countless lovebirds to the highway and mountain roads. Help these daydreaming souls find what they are looking for! Every lovebird will desire something else so pay attention to their requests. 

You can complete the quest only once a weave and will receive a seasonal card after you complete the quest 5 times. That means you can gain up to 5 seasonal cards this month.

Last but not least, every Thursday throughout February will be Tzaraziko’s Unexpected Thursdays with a bonus to critical hits!