An Aspiring Star and the Mandolin

In the middle of Dioni, of the year 581, a voice was heard inviting those who heard to go to the Vesteran World Stage to witness the debut of the Basin’s next star. The first to heed the call were Gurashi and Kalas Nymaane, with Sutekh arriving shortly after.

It turns out the voice belonged to a young man who introduced himself as Hugo Girard, from the village of Delport. Before his audience of three, he explained that they had the opportunity of their lifetime to be among the first to hear his debut song. At this point, the crowd appeared more confused than excited, but this did nothing to curb Hugo’s enthusiasm or determination. With great confidence, he took to the stage and – after requesting further applause from his “fans” – made his final preparations for the promised debut. With his mandolin now in hand, he seemed ready to take on the world.

However, disaster struck as he made the first pluck. Instead of the beautiful sound that the moment had built up to, what came out was a dull and flat tone. With all of his confidence escaping him, Hugo quickly stopped his performance and found that his strings had worn out from his days of practice. At their companions’ urging, Gurashi offered their own mandolin to Hugo so that he may sing his song, but the young man insisted he should play with his own mandolin, for it was left to him by his grandfather who also shared his dream for Hugo to become a star.

Gurashi then suggested that perhaps there was a way to fix the mandolin, which gave Hugo an idea. He urged them to visit him in his home on the road near Delport. Now totalling five with the addition of Celaphaeia D’Cente and Tridemon Regalis, his audience quickly assisted with restringing the instrument but the new strings still needed to be tuned. Nymaane and Gurashi were able to make a breakthrough with the first string and soon enough all of the strings were perfectly tuned. With his newly restrung mandolin, Hugo Girard was able to perform a song after all; a love song dedicated to Gurashi for their assistance in restoring his mandolin.

Before his first fans departed, Hugo promised that they would be invited to any concerts he held in future. Where this aspiring star’s musical journey will take him remains unknown, but it is clear that he is determined to fulfil his dream.