Anniversary Death Challenge Results!

Pluck, the Cantankerous Chicken–in a more poetical turn of events–heard the pleas of their egg-mate Chuck about the few numbers who had joined the War Games planned for the month. To inspire blood and death, they initiated a contest of Death!

Six adventurers participated in the contest of Death, with Sondayga quickly taking the lead and maintaining it throughout the course of the contest with Lysandus a distant second. It is the race for third that was far more contentious. Galaphyrae of Serenwilde overtook Kaervas of Glomdoring early and quickly, who was in turn overtaken by Eritheyl of Gaudiguch. Galaphyrae and Eritheyl raced to take third, with Galaphyrae frequently edging the Gaudiguchian out! At one point managed to take place, however Galaphyrae quickly reclaimed the seat!

When the corpses finally fell, as blood stained the ground, it was Sondayga who reigned supreme.

First Place (300 credits): Sondayga of Serenwilde
Second Place (150 credits): Lysandus of Gaudiguch
Third Place (50 credits): Galaphyrae of Serenwilde