The Haunting Arrives Next Week!

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…

This coming weekend, at 11pm GMT on October 31st, the Basin of Life becomes just a little bit spookier. The Haunting will be upon Lusternia again, and thus the Haunted House returns with all of its tricks, all of its treats, fortunes and costumes and more!

Following this, at around the weave (midnight GMT on November 1st), the doors to the House’s vengeance arena shall be opened. Enter the Time of the Vernal Wars and battle to protect the Il’eredir hearthstone from those who would claim it – or worse, the chosen of the Soulless Crazen. Those who win the vengeance game will receive 150 credits apiece.

Not able to be here on the day? Don’t worry – the Haunting will continue for the following week for you to take full advantage of the spooky adventures within.