Anniversary Wargames Results!

Chuck, the Contentious Chicken – entirely upset at the lack of competitors for his own games in comparison to those of his fellow Pluck, set about berating the Basin of Life in an effort to drum up some fresh blood! While there was some measure of success, no more than three teams could be gathered, leaving a very fresh experience as none knew who they would be partnered with!

In the Cave of War, all the participants gathered at Chuck’s aggressive behest, and clucked mightily before the plaque that had been placed there. The names were drawn, and teams assigned, with each given ten minutes to prepare!

In the end, Zagreus, Sondayga, and Yinuish emerged victorious, with the other two teams competing for second. Congratulations to our victors, and well done to all those who boldly attempted the Wargames!

First: Zagreus, Sondayga, and Yinuish (300cr)
Second: Nialla, Kethaera, and Lysandus (150cr)
Third: Quixote, Romaan, and Ayisdra (50cr)