Calling Home Lord Nocht

Recently, a concerned muted slaugh approached Xenthos An’Ryshe within the Glomdoring forest, asking if he’d heard from the Silent Lord in recent times. Soon joined by Eliron Shee-Slaugh, a former member of His Order, both confirmed that they had no news to share. As the slaugh expressed her concern, and the gathering grew further, it was proposed that summoning Mother Night might lead to answers. Unfortunately the moon was not yet in the right position for this to happen, and so an alternative approach of a visit to Lhiannan, the Queen of the Slaugh, was instead chosen.

Lhiannan shared her wisdom with the group from Glomdoring, suggesting in an increasingly more direct way that making enough noise, and thus employing the Drums of the Dead, would surely have some effect. The attendants saw it worth the try, and moved over to the Drums. A few fruitless attempts later however, the plan came under question until it was brought to attention that there are Seven Shrouds and thus seven gathered could be the key to success. So it was that Eliron, Lithia, Mellihymnia, Deichtine, Yendor, Xenthos and the muted slaugh all called out for Lord Nocht to turn His attention back to the merciless forest, while beating on the Drums of the Dead louder than any had before.

Suddenly, a paralysis of the vocal cords was experienced by all those present, as their voices had been literally silenced. Amidst the confusion about the loss of their ability to speak, it was Lord Nocht at long last who appeared with the gathering and questioned them on the nature of the infernal noise they had been making. Having their voices restored so they could answer Him, the group made it known that they were acting out of concern for His well-being and had taken on the plight of helping the muted slaugh with her inquiry. Understanding now how long He had been in the Void, on a business not further explained, Nocht thanked the concerned group for their efforts as being in the Void meant He had lost track of the time that is not present there.


Answering the questions that now came, Nocht said that He’d unfortunately not had picked up signs of Lord Shikari’s presence. But He seemed positively surprised by the change that the Greev had brought, learning that the old guilds and their halls no longer exist and have been replaced by new ones. Lady Viravain then appeared to greet the returned Silent Lord, and explained that Manteekan also had vanished, yet so far still remained in service to the Wyrd. As more of the Glomdoring flocked to pay their respects, Lady Viravain suggested that She and Lord Nocht should catch up before anything else, and together they took leave to converse in the privacy of Her web. Inspired by the return of one of their Pantheon safe and sound, those who had gathered to witness the Silent Lord’s return rallied to the proper Wyrden response and organised a hunt in His honour to bolster His shrines with heaps of essence, undoubtedly to be of use.