Psionic Fleshfae: A Scholar’s Treatise

Wandering the highways can be so utterly dull, especially when you get lost as often as I, but it is not without its advantages for a scholar. Meandering through the warren of life’s roadways, I have had opportunities to study all manner of odd and unique flora and fauna. The most recent pustule outbreak was quite horrific, but even more improbable were the resulting simulacra which grew. Like ghosts haunting the oft-travelled paths, I wound my way to less trafficked areas to find peace once my own personal study was complete.

In the months that followed, I found ample time to write my own case study and behavioural analyses of the simulacra, still happening upon one or two drifting aimlessly by. I still shudder when I think of them. But now something new caught my attention, a creature of impossible origin and proportions. Of course, I have seen the effects of Illuminati ‘science’ and its resulting fleshfae, known as the eaf, but these were entirely different. Really, they looked like pale, shoddy imitations of the science from the Xeeth Laboratories.

I decided to follow one, note the behaviours, and see if I might discern its level of sentience. Well, I was disappointed. It was closer to being a mindless automaton than a sentient animal, almost bestial in its single-minded purpose. Though what that purpose was, I am unsure if it even knew. The unfortunate creation met its end upon encountering Ejderha Zayah, Ascendant of Hallifax, however. Perhaps he was disgusted or simply equally single-minded in his death spree, he quickly moved on before I could inquire.

Pondering the possibility of necromantic science involved as well as flesh transmogrification, I journeyed towards Magnagora, where as it happens Mrak n’Kylbar, Shango D’Cente, Mairin Feyranti and Rhakastra Devarajah each reported attempting rudimentary communication with the creatures. Of course, this was not terribly conclusive as the level of conversation ranged from poking, idle greeting and asking outright questions the simpletons could not comprehend. Needless to say, I am doubtful of the Engine’s involvement.

Considering these creatures are ‘fae’, my next logical stop was to seek audience with Queen Maeve of the Fae. She was understandably even more cantankerous than usual, though perhaps royalty is just expected to behave like that? It seems I was on the right track. Representatives from the Glomdoring, by name of Crek Ysav’rai and Veyils Ysav’rai, along with a delegation from Serenwilde composed of Feyr Yfae’dren and Ciened, also recently sought audience with the irascible sovereign. She did not appreciate repeating herself, but was gracious enough to inform me that she decreed death for the fleshfae ‘abominations’ so that whatever remains of the ‘fae’ within can be released back to the cycle. I thanked her ad nauseum for the details, and to soothe her spirits at my intrusion.

Well, there was a conundrum worth investigating! Not necromantic science, not fae, yet fae, and the Gaudiguchians were denying all knowledge of the creatures. (Obviously, this was not a full truth, the flesh transmogrifications were quite evident.) At this point, it seemed a good idea to renew relations with the kephera hives and illithoid, a scholar can never have enough contacts for information and study.

I was beaten to both. Cyaratalegur, Overseer of the Reservoir, recounted a visit by the same Veyils Ysav’rai who spoke with the Maeve and threatened me with death if the atrocities on his flesh were not addressed. He was quite distraught at recognising his own skin, well, not on him. I escaped with only a few more vehemently spoken phrases of blasphemy and warnings to eradicate the ‘nasty creatures’. The kephera were more composed, despite what I perceived as the insectoid equivalent of a grimace, when Queen Tutotophet told me she confirmed the use of her carapace for an audience of Celestians and Serenwilders by names of Sarrasri Talnara, Elissata Silvermoon, and Aeldra Ladyn. And, because it is rude to visit the Hives without paying homage to the Queen of Queens, I came to listen to her majesty’s own accounts of recent events, as spoken to Queen Anita Zayah and Ejderha Zayah of Hallifax.

Thinking my studies were complete and at a dead end, I resigned myself to finding a World Library to compose my documented summary analysis of these psionic fleshfae. Of course, this is when something changed, now these creatures were attacking any viscanti who happened upon them. Early victims apparently found this little more than an inconvenience, no reported deaths were accounted for at this time.

Slowly, or perhaps suddenly, the psionic fleshfae began to converge in larger groups, hunting down viscanti in search of the ‘one’ they sought. The first casualty was Kailanna n’Kylbar, a viscanti of Magnagora, followed shortly by Kistan of Gaudiguch, a viscanti far from home it would seem. The creatures were little discerning of affiliation, only knowing they were instructed, by an equally mad and gibbering voice of a dracnari to find “the one viscanti”. Despite indicating their target should be male, I can only conclude these fleshfae did not understand or have a concept of gender from which to extrapolate for their next victims included Vatul Feyranti, Kanaya n’Kylbar and Uzriel i’Vipere.

Their rate of even finding a male among the viscanti they hunted was dismally low, further proof of their lacking level of intelligence.

At the gracious provision of Xeii Shevat, I found myself studying a psionic fleshfae corpse with Rasebal i’Xiia, though he slowly grew bored with the prospect and left me to examining the dead flesh on my own. As Rasebal already, and enviably easily, discerned, the cranium of the abomination was abnormally large and equally odd in shape with various veins and nerve endings incomplete. Like a sketch or drawing an artist failed to finish, these fleshfae were much the same. There is no possible way they could have had any independent intelligence beyond the ability to accept and execute simple instructions.

As I left Rasebal to his other works, it is difficult to believe anyone would endeavour to create or even devise such inefficient minions. None would, or perhaps should, forge weapons purposely prone to breaking with ease. I apply the same logic here and find the creatures wanting.

As their supposed master and creator summoned them to their birthplace, the Xeeth Laboratories, I followed in hopes of finding new information. The chaos that reigned was not conducive to proper scholarly or scientific research in the slightest. It would seem these unfortunate creations were nothing more than a haphazard effort, which explains the inexcusable gaps in their anatomy and resulting lack of intelligence.

In conclusion, despite their many failings, I am happy to report the entire removal of the psionic fleshfae, whose existence was an insult to sentient life everywhere. Compiled from several firsthand notes and witness testimonies, my journey has been an interesting one, if lacklustre in the enormity of my findings.

An additional note follows:
For my editor, please accept this article by my humble hand as a firsthand summary of events surrounding the fleshfae and publish as you see fit in the World Library. Apologies for delays on the deadline. Please do not, again, remit a copy of my work to the Gaudiguch Gossip. The contents are scholarly and factual. Good day to you.