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Archive for November 2016

October Vesteran Honours

For the October Vesteran Honours, Aramel won the bardic  contest with the poem titled, “Elegy for the Sun Fae”. In the artisanal category, Gavriel won with the study titled “Carrion Bird”. Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!             Bardic Awards Bardic Winner Aramel Bardic Runnerup Zitto…

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The Alligator Conundrum of Professor Pheeif-Zluush

Sounds of arguments and fighting echoed from the Razine Tunnels in the Undervault, and a stressed professor had to open her expedition to public assistance. Professor Pheslida Pheeif-Zluush made a plea to the Basin at large, and first to answer her call was Falmiis of Hallifax, who was quick on his toes with the assistance…

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Celest Versus The Hoop Snake

It was recently brought to My attention that certain events transpired potentially implicating Myself in any number of ridiculous doings which befell certain individuals present at a recent meet in Washington, DC. To set the record straight, I did not so much as log into my computer that day, but I have interrogated those who…

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Cries from the Asylum

Despite being a common occurrence within the i’Xiia Asylum, an unusual wailing came forth that was followed by the harsh shouting of a warden trying to subdue an unruly patient. Heard across the prime plane, this attracted the attention of several individuals who decided to check on the situation. As a lone patient pleaded for…

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From the Stars Came Ashtariel

Strange sights in the sky above the Skarch during the month of Estar, 456, brought adventurers far and wide to investigate – and though this desert, the place where Lord-and-Lady Mysrai first descended into the Basin of Life, has seen many a bizarre event, those that unfolded this day were of a kind unprecedented. Those…

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