The Alligator Conundrum of Professor Pheeif-Zluush

Sounds of arguments and fighting echoed from the Razine Tunnels in the Undervault, and a stressed professor had to open her expedition to public assistance. Professor Pheslida Pheeif-Zluush made a plea to the Basin at large, and first to answer her call was Falmiis of Hallifax, who was quick on his toes with the assistance of Maligorn of Hallifax.

The two of them quickly found their way around helping Pheslida’s research assistants gather food for the research subjects, small insects known as lonomids, before returning to Pheslida to find the insects had broken free, likely to more infighting between the students. They set off once more to gather these tiny yet dangerous creatures, only to be met by a greater group who found their way into the caves: Xenthos, Talan, Veyils, Dylara, Siam, Bleuu, and Tridemon.

Despite the attempts from Xenthos to garner full answers at the risk of obstructing scientific progress, and with the added help of Tridemon, Falmiis was able to secure all but the last of the lonomids and make his way to Balach with entourage in tow. Once there, he began feeding Pheslida’s toxin to the alligators in Balach. The concoction seemed to go wrong, however, and the alligators instead mutated into stronger, more aggressive versions of themselves.

Their last subject was the strangest of all, seeming to possess an odd intelligence. However, it was dispatched quickly, and the professor swiftly called it a day. In the end, the Professor promised to refine the formula and may be found doing so in the upper end of the Razine Tunnels in the Undervault.

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