Cries from the Asylum

Despite being a common occurrence within the i’Xiia Asylum, an unusual wailing came forth that was followed by the harsh shouting of a warden trying to subdue an unruly patient. Heard across the prime plane, this attracted the attention of several individuals who decided to check on the situation. As a lone patient pleaded for help, it was Falmiis Shevat who was first to investigate matters.

While an asylum warden now called for a doctor to administer sedatives, Sylvanas and Avurekhos entered the Asylum as well. However, it was Falmiis who chose to rightly disobey the instructions of the warden not to interact with the new patients. They had recently been housed in additional cells that went previously unnoticed and unoccupied.

Falmiis Shevat discovered within one of the cells the mugwump scientist Vuram Blegurli, to who he rendered aid for a daring escape plan. While Avurekhos Myeras likewise pledged his support, it was the former pair that escaped to the laboratory where Vuram had been working until his recent internment.

A young igasho by the name of Rendon joined his fellow Halifaxian Falmiis and together they helped the scientist recover his ancestor’s research and gathered the ingredients for a promising attempt at curing the insanity that has plagued the survivors and descendants of Project Soulforge.

Despite the initial attempts at mixing up the cure resulting in combustive results, at last Falmiis figured out the recipe and brought the vial containing the precious fluid back to the i’Xiia Asylum. There he administered it to Lanos Blegurli, ancestor to Vuram and direct witness to the chaos that Soulforge had unleased. The elderly mugwump was transformed from a gibbering mess into a coherent individual, who gave his personal account of what happened all those years ago. Alas the effect only lasted a limited time, and so Falmiis and Rendon, meanwhile joined by a third Hallifaxian known as Maligorn Shevat, returned to Vuram in his laboratory.

There they relayed the news of what had transpired and the scientist thanked them heartily for their service. While there is still much work to be done before a permanent cure can even become a reality, the first steps in the right direction were set. It was fitting that a citizen of the Collective, known for their own scientific advances, was the one to play a crucial part in these events. For now Vuram Blegurli will continue his work and hopefully stay out of the hands of the wardens.

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