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Archive for July 2016

The Ancestral House of Strongleaf

During an otherwise uneventful Winter’s day in Serenwilde, Arian of the Moondancers and Niina Yfae’dren began to notice the pixies in the forest stirring with mischief. Several of them had small slips of torn parchment clutched in their fingers. Curious as to what the pixies could have gotten up to, they began to collect these…

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The Havens Guide to Participating in Events

As we progress through this year’s overarching plot and learn more of what is happening with Father Sun, a number of us up in the Havens have been working on something to equip intrepid eventers – a guide to participating in events! This topic has been touched on in the past, both in blogs and on…

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The Return of the Navigator and Weiwae, the Golden Heart

In the beginning of the month of Tzarin, 444 years after the coming of Estarra, Penderglass T. Chartwright informed New Celest that their assistance was needed to maintain a portal that Darvellan, the Navigator was preparing between the First World and the Void. A steady supply of Light essence was required to keep the portal…

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May Vesteran Honours

For the May Vesteran Honours, Portius won the bardic  contest with the story titled, “The Life of Manana Kamini”. In the artisanal category, Zarialle won with the portrait titled “The Megalith Stands Against the Sun Fae”. Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!               Bardic Awards…

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