The Return of the Navigator and Weiwae, the Golden Heart

In the beginning of the month of Tzarin, 444 years after the coming of Estarra, Penderglass T. Chartwright informed New Celest that their assistance was needed to maintain a portal that Darvellan, the Navigator was preparing between the First World and the Void. A steady supply of Light essence was required to keep the portal stabilised, and the citizens of New Celest performed their duty admirably. At the end of the month, the portal had enough essence for the link between it and its counterpoint in the Void to be established. When the portal opened all expected to find Darvellan, the Navigator to learn what had triggered His alarms in the Void, however instead the portal gave the entire basin a view of a battle between a half-dozen, crazed, lesser half-formed and Darvellan plus the previously unknown Elder, Weiwae.

Apparently clad in a strange blue armour, Weiwae, the Soul Dammer destroyed the six lesser half-formed with a unique battle style which strangled the auras of the crazed beasts. Soon after the destruction of the half-formed, Darvellan and Weiwae came through the portal to the First World, upon which, Weiwae transformed from the Soul Dammer into a softer gentler version of Himself known as Weiwae, the Golden Heart. With the threat gone and recognising the destruction He caused, Weiwae fled to His Fulcrux where He was offered bread and then cupcakes by Cyna. Others came to the Fulcrux to learn more about the new Third Circle Elder. Within the Fulcrux, Weiwae asked about the fate of the Soulless, asked if Tae was ever freed from the so-called corrupting influence of Bollikin, and mentioned the Closed Fist and Open Hand of Abanoi.

What is the Hand of Abanoi? What corrupting influence did Weiwae fear from Bollikin? Will Weiwae ever be forced to become the Soul Dammer again?

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