The Havens Guide to Participating in Events

As we progress through this year’s overarching plot and learn more of what is happening with Father Sun, a number of us up in the Havens have been working on something to equip intrepid eventers – a guide to participating in events! This topic has been touched on in the past, both in blogs and on the forums, but we hope this will serve as a helpful reference for all manner of events. Thank you to all of the wonderful Gods and ephemerals who contributed their ideas.


When An Event Starts
Turn up! No, seriously. When an event starts it will often be clear where to go to get involved. Don’t just sit around at your nexus waiting for something to get in your way – seek the event out for yourself.
Don’t be afraid to go to an event just because you don’t think you can help. Whether it’s because you’re a lower level, or because you don’t feel you know the lore as well – there are almost always things you can do. If you’re still uncertain, ask a more experienced player to let you tag along with them, and learn by their example.
Sometimes we ‘soft start’ events – like in recent events when the Sun has begun to heat up several days in advance of the main event. Don’t be afraid to start poking around for information even then!
Talking to Denizens
Want to get a denizen’s attention? Use SAY TO. This will get our attention so that we know you are in need of an answer.
When doing this, try to give an idea of what you want from the denizen rather than just saying hello. This makes it a lot easier for us to have the right person answer your question, and to come to you with the information you need.
When you’ve done that, make sure you’re patient! It can sometimes take us a minute to prepare everything we need to respond to you. There are hundreds of denizens in Lusternia, all with different personalities – we not only have to find the answer to your question, but how that particular denizen would say it. Hang around for a few minutes before you run off, if you can.
Continue this during the interaction as well. In the thick of events we’re often controlling each half a dozen or more denizens at the same time – if we’re not responding to you within seconds, that’s probably why! Whilst multitasking is the number one skill in the Havens, we’re still only capable of typing so fast.
Remember that from an IC perspective, denizens are people too. Try not to fall into the very easy trap of treating denizens like they are inferior to or distinct from players. By all means treat them as inferior for IC reasons – like being an outsider or unimportant to your character specifically – but make sure there’s a reason.
Didn’t get a reply from that denizen? It’s not necessarily a failure. Try again in a while, and we might be freer to talk to you – or we might have had time to look up the answer to your complicated questions. This is especially true of talking to major denizens like the Supernals, Demon Lords, Avatars or similar. Their input can be a huge thing in an event and we want to make sure we do that right for you.
Contributing to the Event
Don’t be afraid to take initiative. Always offer up your own ideas, because it’s very possible we want to receive them – often it is written into an event that players will have the opportunity to do so! If the scope of the event is stricter or more linear, we will make this clear.
Communicate within your organisations. Write newsposts, talk to people to make sure they’re up-to-date. The easier it is for people to get involved with events, the more likely they are to do so – and the more fun you will have.
In general, please do not entreat the Gods for help during events unless it is clear that they are a part of the event. Yes, Hoaracle could almost certainly stroll in and make that tree you’re trying to grow mature in an instant – and in many ways it’s totally logical to ask for His help when you need that tree grown. But the Gods are hugely powerful beings and Their participation is too deus ex machina for most events, and takes agency away from you. You have the power to change the world all by yourselves – you don’t need us! Besides which, we are probably busy running the event itself.
General Conduct
Do not raise your defences in rooms where the event is happening, especially if an NPC is talking. This will not only earn you our frustration, but will also almost certainly mean that we miss things people are saying. Events are noisy enough as it is!
In a similar vein: if at all possible, please look before you walk into an event room and read your thousand treasure maps. We deal with a lot of spam, and some of it we all just have to put up with – please try and keep the avoidable spam as minimal as possible!
If things break or go wrong – and there is never an event where something doesn’t – please be patient. Keep an eye out for event mobs giving a hint to wait a moment, especially with things like handing items over. We’ll always try and let you know when they’re working again.
Try not to be too rude. It’s totally fine to roleplay being rude to an extent, but if you do it too much or too intensely then it’s just going to make it no fun for us. We’re people too! We want to enjoy interacting with you. Hurling insults at a denizen constantly probably isn’t going to make us feel that way.
After Events
Log everything! Post your logs to the forums! We love reading your logs, especially if they are interactions about events that we haven’t had a chance to see – either because it was all inter-player, or because we weren’t personally participating in the event at that point.
Got any questions that we didn’t answer? Ask them in the comments below, or on the forums!

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