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Archive for June 2016

Calling Upon the Dawnbursts

When the Sun crested again early in Dioni, it was clear that Hallifax’s Project Eclipse would no longer be able to withstand the onslaught of solar energy brought down by Father Sun. Thus, the Basin of Life sought out a more permanent solution. Gathering before the elder sunpride tree, figures like Crek Ysav’rai, Zyphora Windwhisper,…

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The Magnifying Glass

The typical winter was not what was in store for the Basin of Life. Instead of chill and frost, the temperatures spiked once more as Father Sun again grew large in the sky and bore down upon the world’s inhabitants. It started slow at first: a gentle simmer that soon grew more and more intense.…

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April Vesteran Honours

For the April Vesteran Honours, Aithera won the bardic  contest with an essay titled, “Essays on Lucidan Hues”. In the artisanal category, Unzareh won with the extremely cute portrait titled “Drunk Viscanti”. Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!               Bardic Awards Bardic Winner Aithera Bardic…

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Mystery at Highwater Keep

On the sixth of Dvarish, 443 years after the Coming of Estarra, the Basin was surprised to hear Gonore of Highwater Keep shout across the Basin about intruders. Quickly various people from around the Basin noticed boulders strewn across the mountains, caused by the quick and stealthy invasion of two Goldenclaw wiccans named Jyoath and…

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