Calling Upon the Dawnbursts

When the Sun crested again early in Dioni, it was clear that Hallifax’s Project Eclipse would no longer be able to withstand the onslaught of solar energy brought down by Father Sun. Thus, the Basin of Life sought out a more permanent solution. Gathering before the elder sunpride tree, figures like Crek Ysav’rai, Zyphora Windwhisper, Luce Shevat, and Anaklusmos and Ino of Hallifax, and others decided that instead of waiting, it would be time for them to do something. They suggested that perhaps it was high time for them to make contact with the Downburst Druids. The assembled Hallifaxians sought insight from Abeytu and Miakoda respectively, while Crek visited Amhika Rotwood. Independently, the three groups considered the possibility of a shared connection between the elder tree and its large namesake, and at once, it was decided that druids were necessary, for perhaps they alone could tap into the magic of the tree and send a message.

Crek and Versalean of Glomdoring were the first to reach out to the elder sunpride, threading their magics with the internal landscape of the tree and discerning its soul far within the wood; however, it was only until Demartel Shevat – who temporarily gave up his warrior ways for the druidic arts – did the trio manage to make contact with Sidwesh, the Welcoming Dawn. Demartel explained that the tree was weakened, that Sun was rampaging, and help was needed. It was not before too long did the three druids – Turiki, Mraxin, and Sidwesh – emerge from the trunk of the elder tree and returned to the Basin of Life.

The three explained that they were planning on coming sooner, for they had seen the Sun’s violent presence return, but they were waylaid by conflict with the Goldenclaw wiccans. And before anything else could be said, the cloud barrier was torn asunder. Malimli Fairquillion and her students, thankfully, did not perish, but many sustained serious wounds. Time was of the essence, for the Basin of Life was burning under Sun’s wrathful gaze. After much deliberation – and skeptical inquiry from figures such as Ilian Pavok – the Druids believed that what may best help the Basin of life was the construction of golden stelae in the hot spots of the solar flares. Explaining that gold is a reflective element and used in Jojobo for similar protection, Turiki retrieved four drafts of architects to help the save the lands. Unfortunately, their resources were limited, and it was understood that only four places could be saved.

Treasure troves of gold bars and sovereigns were shared to preserve the distant places of the Basin. Hallifax, singlehandedly, preserved the Tosha Monastery with the help of Ilian and Daraius and Ileein Shevat. Soon after came Oleanvir, likewise saved by the quick actions of Demartel and Calor Hartfire. Tolborolla Valley was saved with the assistance of Tremula Nitraedes, Auriella Indara and not too long after Bleuu Hartfire who generously donated numerable sovereigns for the stele. Alaksanteri Elithysius did her best to help construct a stele for the Presidio of the Damned, and others helped later; however, Xenthos An’Ryshe’s last minute arrival changed the tide of things, and instead, the Scorpion Caverns were blessed with the presence of the stele. The plan was simple: the stelae would reflect the light and energy of the solar flares back to the sunpride tree, which was healed by Sidwesh. However, as the Druids explained, the one tree would not be able to withstand such magnified blasts, and so, the Basin returned to the task of planting more sunpride trees.

Two more now stand upon the Enigmatic Stairs and the Path of War and the combined power of the three have been able to withstand and absorb the solar energy. However, the Druids were soon to learn that the Baobab had became fallow, causing Mraxin to depart. He tasked both Sidwesh and Turiki to remain, however, in case the three trees can maintain their charge to fight back the Sun. And so once again, all is safe.

However, the Basin’s inhabitants continue to grow restless. Many still share suspicions of the Dawnburst Druids and the distant Jojobo. But no one can doubt the fact that it is by aslaran hands has aide been given. Or at least a semblance of aide. While Tolborolla, Oleanvir, Tosha, and the Scorpion Caverns have been saved, the Presidio of the Damned and the Arthar’rt Observatory still bore the brunt of the damage. The Presidio, it seems, took less of a hit – burnt, but not destroyed; however, the Observatory – the forgotten Arthar’rt Observatory – is no longer – a mere melted tower of crystal and stone. Will it ever be restored again? Only time will tell.

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