Mystery at Highwater Keep

On the sixth of Dvarish, 443 years after the Coming of Estarra, the Basin was surprised to hear Gonore of Highwater Keep shout across the Basin about intruders. Quickly various people from around the Basin noticed boulders strewn across the mountains, caused by the quick and stealthy invasion of two Goldenclaw wiccans named Jyoath and Anaara. The pair of wiccans from Jojobo were found at the sunpride tree upon Avechna’s Peak where they were attempting to chop the tree down. Before they were able to be successful, Xenthos and Enyalida managed to slay Jyoath while Anaara ran off through the mountains, hiding behind any boulder she could see. Eventually, Anaara ran into the previously hidden refugee camp outside of Highwater keep, where under threat of death she quickly fled.

There in Highwater, the Basin was introduced to revenant Gonore, a former guard of the Holy Celestian Empire who demanded their wealth and claimed all treasure to be his. Among the confusion, Kignak Ironhoof, and Ejibu Brokenhorn theorised that the revenant was awoken by an ancient spell that the Holy Empire may have placed on him when the Goldenclaw wiccans entered the Basin through the Southern Mountains. However, a more pressing matter on their minds distracted the pair, and that was the current Duke Golnoth Ironhoof’s concern of some karmic threat upon his life. Eager to help, Cyna was the first to start solving the mystery of Highwater keep, though Xenthos through his earlier actions and quick thinking, managed to solve the mystery first.

Did the Goldenclaw wiccans steal the wealth of Highwater? Why were they trying to chop down the sunpride tree and why did they accuse the people of being allies of the Dawnbursts? Will the troubles of Highwater ever come back, and will the keep be able to detect further invasions? Only the Fates know.

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