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Isune has always been a romantic. In her first incarnation in Celest, one of her most memorable actions was swooning over Lacostian, a wise and handsome god of the Third circle. Did he ever share those feelings? Or was it merely platonic? These questions were never truly answered when Lacostian vanished from the Basin of Life, becoming instead the entity of Elostian, the Enigma. Yet were she and the Enigma lovers, before Isune chose to retreat once more to her dreams? Or merely a failed attempt to rekindle and transform an unrequited romance? Did Elcyrion and Lacostian, all along, have what Isune thought she and Lacostian had?* Scandal! :O

One of the fun things about taking on a godrole with a lot of history is you can get to decide how that history has shaped your Divine. As far as gods go, Isune doesn’t just happen to have backstory: she’s stuffed full of it. I was lucky enough as an ephemeral to have several gods important to Isune about to ask questions of: would Elostian be attracted to Isune in the modern day? (Probably not.) Would Shikari view their agreement to save Viravain with any reverence? (Absolutely.) Would a lonely Zvoltz try to court Isune after discovering her in the Dreaming? (Sounds fun!) Is Morgfyre going to try to eat Isune again?! (If at all possible.)

And knowing these things, I the player got to decide Isune’s reactions to those events. What are the repercussions of having a goddess share Isune’s body, and pierce into her mind? Particularly Viravain, who is opposed to all that she stands for, and who fiercely loves a god Isune never did and truly ought to fear? What about seeing Lacostian, the god she loves most, transform into a complete stranger entirely? And even further, how would Isune react to being courted by Zvoltz after a lifetime of being the pursuer, never the pursued – and would she dare to be truly open to it, after losing her first love so completely?

It’s always a blast when Gods get to RP with each other, because it brings out all these nuances that otherwise might never leave our brainstorming profile pages. It’s really exciting to see Shikari and Viravain interactions, for example – it brings out a completely different side to both characters, especially compared to what players usually get to see! Jadice and Isune serve as foils for each other, and Crumkane brings a much-needed levity to Gaudiguch to balance the mysticism of Mysrai and the fiery wrath of Yomoigu. And seeing how just about every god acts around Drocilla is delicious, devious fun. (Personally, I cannot wait to see some more Lisaera and Drocilla interaction in the future. :D)

And you know what’s even more fun? Seeing players ask questions and enjoy these godly interactions with you. Don’t be afraid to poke in a god’s Fulcrux and ask why they looked at another god funny! Those kinds of meetings have been some of the best RP I’ve had as a Divine, I promise. It’s really rewarding as an established admin, too, to hear new gods discussing excitedly how much fun they’re having with their orders, and what cool questions they’ve been asked, and what stories they got to share with you. So thanks for letting us ship our godly canons, guys. We hope you enjoy the ride!



*This may or may not be my head-canon.

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