Return of the Predator

Early in the month of Tzarin, a small number of residents of the Glomdoring Forest experienced strange visions of things they could not quite describe – or, truly, comprehend. After a quick investigation, they deduced that only the members of Lord Shikari’s Order had witnessed these – a revelation of concern, for the Predator had not been seen for over two decades. Yet the visions persisted in the following months, and they spread to those of Lord Nocht’s and Lady Viravain’s Orders as well. The two gods met beneath the boughs of the forest, speaking softly together, Their words laden with a meaning still unknown to those that serve Them.

Lady Viravain had warned the Glomdoring of the guile of Lady Drocilla, recently returned to the First World after tricking New Celest into believing She was actually Lady Carakhan. And those old enough to remember can still recall the day the Khairsi Beast tore into the Basin of Life – the Beast who had actually been Shikari transformed, collared and trapped by Drocilla Herself during an encounter in the Void. With these warnings and memories occupying their minds, the Glomdoring shored its defences, especially as the strange visions continued: visions of the hunt, of blood, and of prey.

Then occurred an unlikely meeting: the Lady Isune, with members of Her Order at Her side, invited Viravain to Her realm. The Lady of Thorns brought Zouviqil Myeras with Her, but the two stood in the presence of the Hallifaxians in peace. The goddesses’ exchange was less than pleasant, but one thing became clear: Drocilla is a threat to both, and to one other who matters to Them both. The Hallfaxians speculated amongst themselves in private after Viravain had taken Her leave, but Allyrianne Windwhisper gave voice to their thoughts. Had Their conversation been about the Predator? “Yes and no,” said Isune before departing, leaving Her Order awash in a storm of Her anguish.

The visions continued, this time marked with a sense of longing. Lady Viravain studied the Master Ravenwood and called to Her Brother, wherever He was, but with little success. Idrazil Ga’ruul and Karlach Stormcrow, both members of the Predator’s Order, sought advice from Shikari’s priestess, but gleaned little information.

Some months passed with little activity, until early Kiani, when Viravain and Isune met again, this time beneath the boughs of Glomdoring Forest. The Lady of Thorns sensed Her brother’s imminent arrival, and not long after She called to Him, the sky of the First World opened.

A great creature, dying from its wounds, descended on the Basin of Life. The Predator followed it doggedly, but it escaped long enough to seek refuge near Magnagora. Before it could reach the city, however, the Lady Drocilla appeared to strike it down – an act that proved pointless, in the end, for Lord Shikari speared the beast through the head before it reached the goddess.

Residents of the Glomdoring immediately prepared for whatever Drocilla had planned as She approached Shikari, but before they could act, the Lady Isune manifested before Them, drawing Shikari away as Lady Viravain attacked the Enchantress. Disinterested in Viravain, Drocilla left the fight, leaving the other goddess in a howling rage. Glomdoring, meanwhile, met with the Predator and the Aesthete in the former’s realm, where they formally welcomed Him back to the Basin of Life.

But amidst the celebrations, tensions still run high. Glomdoring still readies its weapons in preparation for what Drocilla may bring, and the Order of the Lady Aesthete continues to watch the southern horizon with trepidation from their crystal spires.

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