The Madness of Mwauka

Only a few days after the return of the Lord Predator to the Basin of Life, shouts hailing from Verasavir Valley pierced the silence of the Basin of Life. From the sound of it, an argument had broken out between two taurian of the valley. Citizens of New Celest and Serenwilde reached the valley first to investigate the ruckus, but it was Kagato of the Celestines who discovered the Mwauka Blackfur, who stood over the corpse of his comrade at the entrance to a cavern.

Mwauka readily told the growing crowd of adventurers that he was actually the Elder God Tauro, and that he’d been trying to recreate his “true” body. He had discovered a ritual that, using corpses and natural products of the valley, would potentially restore him. Most of those gathered expressed their extreme distrust, though after Mwauka mentioned learning this ritual from an Illuminati friend, Eliron Shee-Slaugh, Nyxx Ysav’rai, and Iari Damascene tried to convince the taurian to give Iari the ritual book so she, as Grand Cipher of the Illuminati, could look over it.

Synkarin Ysav’rai was the first to offer to aid Mwauka, but a misdirected fireball put a stop to any partnerships the two would have with each other thereafter. Eventually, Kalas Ixion of Magnagora stepped to the plate and, after some days of hunting, he chanted the ritual phrases while the strange taurian stood in the centre of a pile of corpses. When the ritual ended, however, Tauro did not grace the Basin of Life with His presence; instead, a patchwork monstrosity, created from the corpses with Mwauka embedded in its centre, escaped into Verasavir Valley where it proceeded to wreck havoc. Ixion followed doggedly and killed it before it could do any real harm.

Mwauka survives, however, in his little cave with his derangement. Though none know if he’ll ever be free of his obsession, his secret’s out, and few will approach him knowing the madness behind his boasts.

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