Challenge of Life

On the 22nd of Kiana, 317 CoE, a serious outbreak of a lethal and fast-spreading illness fell upon the furrikin race. Many citizens of the Basin gathered, and subsequently split, to save as many as possible. Almost five hundred were infected, and there were fatalities in the hundreds. However, by a (very!) small margin, those saved managed to outweight those lost.

At the end of the day, the results were as follows:

  • Vadi saved a staggering 103 furrikin (Medallion of Life)
  • Inagin saved 81 saved (700 credits)
  • Rika saved 52 furrikin (500 credits)
  • Ankastra saved 47 furrikin (250 credits)
  • Lawliet saved 22 furrikin (100 credits)

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