Challenge of Harmony

Mortals come from each of the cities and communes of the Basin for a battle, not of blades and magic, but of words. Spreading out across the Basin and into the higher planes and aetherspace, mortals sought to sway the minds of the denizens in Lusternia in their quest to claim the Medallion of Harmony. The challenge quickly saw three mortals rise quickly in their quest for first place: Talan and Tacita of the Glomdoring commune and Inagin of the city of New Celest. Nearing the middle of the competition, Tacita broke away from the other two to take the lead, and was able to maintain it until the contest’s end.

Congratulations to Tacita who now bears the Medallion of Harmony.

The following prizes were also awarded:

  • Second Place (700 credits): Talan
  • Third Place (500 credits): Inagin
  • Fourth Place (250 credits): Kalegyne
  • Fifth Place (100 credits): Xena

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