Challenge of Death

Mortals from across the Basin gathered with weapons drawn and ready, each eager to test their deadly skill on the denizens of Lusternia in the Challenge of Death. Though Malarious took the lead at first, Inagin of New Celest powered past him and maintained a strong hold on first place. Xena, Malarious, and Talan raced after him, but Chade quickly
overtook all of them, securing second. Inagin’s tireless efforts, however, kept him in the lead until the challenge ended.

Congratulations to Inagin who now bears the Medallion of Death.

The following prizes were also awarded:

  • Second Place (700 credits): Chade, of the City of Gaudiguch
  • Third Place  (500 credits): Xena, of the City of New Celest
  • Fourth Place (250 credits): Talan, of the Commune of Glomdoring
  • Fifth Place  (100 credits): Malarious, of the Commune of Glomdoring

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