Challenge of Beauty

Trademasters from all across the Basin of Life submitted their finest designs, vying to provide the most creative, most aesthetically appealing, and most attractive creation in order to claim the Seal of Beauty! Numerous designs of outstanding quality were submitted, but the Seal ultimately went to Maellio Onz’Verheu of Hallifax!

  • 1st: Maellio (a mandala of the planar realms) – Medallion of Beauty.
  • 2nd: Anita (a snow-swept cup cake of chilling doom) – 700 credits
  • 3rd: Aldani (a glass and silver double helix lyre) – 500 credits
  • 4th: Kylsiu (a well-worn blanket of wyrden heritage) – 250 credits
  • 5th: Eliron (platinum ice devil full plate armour) – 100 credits

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