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Archive for June 2011

Peering into the Light (pt1)

After reading a numerous threads and posts on the forums and nearly four years as an administrator (boy, time flies!), I can say one of my greatest frustrations regarding New Celest is a matter of perception. Indeed, people look down on it, from the outside, and scoff loudly, while others from within offer-up hearty denials,…

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Playing God

I’m going to preface this post with something completely irrelevant to the topic – a short story. Estarra and I were sitting at Havens (this is very common), both terribly idle (also common), as I was in the other room watching Joan Rivers (ibid) because my poor dog (fun fact: Arco, the fae puppy, was…

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The Origins of Eventru

Well, once countless aeons ago, We were a small twinkle in Dynara’s eye, whipped together as a grotesque amalgam of protoplasm on an unborn creche, eventually seeded and encouraged and grown, into a half-formed and then a full Elder God, shedding such a weak form into Our most glorious and radiant of Selves…. …Or, I…

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Behind the Curtain

I’ve been an administrator for three and a half years – and I can say, without question, that I’ve changed, and grown, in that time. On the occasion a player will send me an OOC message in-game, or a forum message, or a comment, or an e-mail, etc, thanking me for the work I do…

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Secrets of the Czigany Past

A messenger got waylaid off while traveling through the mountains by the gaseous cloier which had broken through the aetherways in an experiment gone awry. Once the cloeir was vanquished, a strange cask was found that was meant for Jeremiah Gryphta, a Czyigany wanderer who has settled in the Basin of Life. Once Jeremiah received…

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Tale of the Lone Lyrebird

A dark day it was in late Urlachmar, though the brilliant radiance emanating from Avechna’s Teeth did little to underscore the fact. Marani Veloske, White Priestess of the Shallamurine Cathedral, declared that the Basin of Life had too long been subject to the filth and debauchery of life, and with her fellow priestesses and countless…

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