Of Ice Skulls and Tattoos!

Not long after the accident in the Arthar’rt Observatory, the ice skulls were seen again, this time invading the Tosha Monastery. Response was quick from the inhabitants of the Basin who helped the Tosha monks repel the invasion, even as the ice skulls evolved into full fledged ice devils. Unfortunately, the attack was not without consequence as Master Quettle was kidnapped.

It was later discovered that the ice creatures had encased Master Quettle in a block of ice in Snow Valley, incubating ice larva around him. When the ice larva evolved, they spawned into hundreds of ice devils and the snows turned red with their blood. When the last ice devil stood, it was momentarily possessed by a malign presence who called itself one of the Forsaken. It claimed to be searching for allies hidden in the Basin and thus was questioning Master Quettle. Contemptuous of those present, the Forsaken released the ice devil who was soon slaughtered.

Still trapped in the block of ice, Master Quettle was able to telepathically communicate with those around him. He managed to set up ka fields within the block of ice that could only be triggered by members of the four monk guilds. Thus, Veyrzhul of the Tahtetso, Tau of the Nekotai, Prailie of the Ninjakari and Ceiliana of the Shofangi were able to channel their ka into the ice and release Master Quettle. Alas, a side effect from being frozen was that Master Quettle lost all his glorious golden fur and revealed that he was tattoo from head to foot.

So grateful was Master Quettle, that he offered to teach the ancient art of ka tattooing, long a secret of the Tosha Monks to the four guilds who rescued him. Thus, has the art of tattooing become a common trade for monks in Lusternia.

But that is not the end of this episode, for several ice skulls were seen escaping into the clouds.

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