Great Hunt Winners!

Congratulations to all those who participated in the Great Hunt and won bound credits! For the first time, we’ve ran three tiers so there were three Top Ten sets and lots of credit awards!

Demigod+ Tier
1st Veyrzhul (500 credits)
2nd Munsia (450 credits)
3rd Lothringen (400 credits)
4th Kelly (350 credits)
5th Saoirse (300 credits)
6th Sahmiam (250 credits)
7th Azula (200 credits)
8th Veracruz (150 credits)
9th Marie (100 credits)
10th Naralis (50 credits)

Level 61-99 Tier
1st Enyalida (500 credits)
2nd Rastamutti (450 credits)
3rd Calesta (400 credits)
4th Sivas (350 credits)
5th Daedalion (300 credits)
6th Troika (250 credits)
7th Tacita (200 credits)
8th Donovain (150 credits)
9th Neos 2508 (100 credits)
10th Mabsy (50 credits)

Level 1-60 Tier
1st Sidonie (500 credits)
2nd Liwanag (450 credits)
3rd Edenwe (400 credits)
4th Zycra (350 credits)
5th Nertoth (300 credits)
6th Telara (250 credits)
7th Mazzen (200 credits)
8th Cateline (150 credits)
9th Maytida (100 credits)
10th Siloak (50 credits)

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