Divine Paper Pushing

I suppose it’s about time I make my own blog post. I don’t want the one reference of me on here to be blatant lies and slander! In a later post I’ll likely talk about becoming a god and working with the lovely Glomdoring, but for my first post I thought I’d discuss the amazing, wondrous world of divine bureaucracy!

Some of the biggest tasks when it comes to being an administrator are building areas, running events and generally handling the orgs you happen to patron (which I admit I may sometimes fall behind on), but there’s a whole lot of other business to take care of. We’ve got 11 different administrative positions with several having anywhere from one to five levels of assistants below them to help out and eventually take on a larger part of the job themselves. We have to handle everything from issues, bugs and designs to emotes, dreams and help files.

Now I love creating an area and seeing it come to life as much as the next admin, but I really enjoy sorting through our issues, going over our library submissions and looking over designs among many other tasks. I’ve managed to get my hands into a good chunk of the tasks and I’m always looking to handle what I can. Sounds odd? Dare I say dull? Well, I love it! Mostly for the same reasons I study math at university. I like ordering things, solving problems and sorting everything into its rightful spot. I love being able to bring contentious issues to a peaceful close when possible, and it’s more fun than work most of the time to look through all the library submissions the players send in for either prestige or approval! There’s nothing worse than a backed up issue or library queue! (I think most have given up on the idea of a design queue that isn’t a mile long. You players just craft too much!)

So a big shout out to our Oneirois, Norns and Erinyes(es?). A round of applause for the Charites, Furies, Moirae and Camenae. Yay to our guides, mortal builders and mortal (and divine) coders. A thank you to Estarra who puts up with me assaulting her every time I catch sight of her over some issues. It takes a lot of people to keep the wheels of Lusternia turning.

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