Being a God and an Administrator is really, really cool, because it affords us some opportunities to add to the world of Lusternia and spruce it up with nice things (Which I love doing!). We do our very best to bring you all things that are interesting and engaging…and sometimes, in our haste, we might flub up a little bit.

OMG, I know, right? What’s that you say, Lyreth? It can’t be so!

Oh yes, it is indeed so. You might have noticed we have our own reporting command for TYPOs (though we’ll blame those on ephs and solely ephs). Sometimes there might be a little hiccup when an area or quest is being released, and then the elevator music comes from on high while it’s beaten into submission and bound with duct tape. Or, in my case, you have a Delportian priest when you don’t speak a whit of French. Eheh.

What’s super super neat is that the players are (mostly) cool to turn a blind eye while we get the awesome fixed back up. While we’ve got PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWAAAAH, we sometimes trip up ever so briefly (Except Eventru!). It’s usually good for a laugh, but it’s nice that we have so much cooperation from the playerbase while we get things sorted out.

Players rock!

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