Leaving behind the mortal shell…

For some of us, leaving behind that mortal life can be one of the most difficult choices we’ve ever had to make. There are the quasi-friends that we love to see when we log in each day. There’s the political turmoil that we’ve so embroiled ourselves in that we dare let our fingers off of the buttons for fear of what might happen when we’re not there to pull the strings.

I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I don’t just have the t-shirt, I have the full Cher wardrobe ensemble worth of attire for it.

I have played every single IRE game except for MKO. I’ve stopped playing, every single IRE game (except Lusternia). I sometimes look back to my various ‘lives’ but it is never with regret. Perhaps a bit of nostalgia from time to time may etch itself into my mind, but for the most part, I did what I did, and I moved on.

In Lusternia, I think it was the easiest choice to make. Leave behind my mortal, and take a chance at divinity, or stick around on the mortal game. When the time came to really make that choice, I had already accomplished a lot of what I had wanted to do. I hadn’t originally planned any of what my mortal did, but it happened.

I hadn’t forged a lot of in game ‘friendships’ in Lusternia. It was just after Lusternia became open to the public. I don’t think my mortal ever got above level 60. I was there to roleplay, to have fun. I pushed people to see beyond the normal limits that they try to embrace. I helped get an organization off of its feet. I still to this day can look back at the foundations of certain groups and see my influences in the way they are. It’s pretty awesome to leave that lasting mark.

So I’m glad I went ‘up’. But every so often, I tease Estarra. I tell her I’m going to resign and take back my mortal. I think I get a few glares, and one of the gods laughs, telling me I’d never survive being mortal again.

…The funny thing is, they’re probably right. While so much stays the same in the overall perspective – so much also changes the longer you’re ‘uptop’ versus ‘down there’. We see what all happens, but it’s so different to be in the thick of it. I suspect if I ever did return to my mortal, I’d probably never quite have the same feeling as it did the first time. So I’m stuck up here. For better or worse. 😉 Muahaha.

Kudos, folks. I’m off to get someone elected into office. Pardon my brevity with online time for now.

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