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A Guide to Cookery by AerotanWinner
Etsija's Tale by LendrenRunner-Up
Painful Step Forward by AraeMerit
Life Before, Life Now by AramantosWinner
500 Years by LendrenRunner-Up
Secrets of Gods in Magnagora by NeelaMerit
A Prayer for Guidance by AramantosRunner-Up
The Songs of Angels by AramantosWinner
Empowering Bards and Scholars by OvissaRunner-Up
Sundry Tanka, 601-625 CE by XiranWinner
A Call to Arms (A speech before battle) by AramantosRunner-Up
Refusing to See the Darkness by IalieWinner
The Adventures of Tut: Genesis by AuouaRunner-Up
The Edge of Transformation by KennianRunner-Up
Ivory's Prayer by ZulteMerit
Holy War by AramantosMerit
The Initiate by Alysi
The Splintered Mirage: In Defense of Cruelty by EritheylWinner
Yassenah by GabbyRunner-Up
Aesthetic Medicine by SapphiraRunner-Up
My Journey in the Light by AramantosMerit
Come See My Show by IalieMerit