Out-of-character harassment of people will not be tolerated. Furthermore, _any_
sexual harassment whatsoever is banned. In our sole determination, if the
offence is serious enough, we will alert your service provider (ISP), your
workplace, your university, or other relevant institutions, giving them details
of your use of their resources.

Harassment in the form of killing or attacking another player is generally handled by the Avenger system. See HELP AVENGER. However, killing or attacking another player over and over again over an extended period of time, even on other planes, can arise to harassment if it is deemed that the roleplaying justification is weak or non-existent and just a form of bullying. Likewise, certain actions to circumvent a snub against you, either directly or indirectly, could be considered harassment as snubbing is meant to avoid interactions between players. You may submit an issue if you feel this is happening, though keep in mind the administration will look for compelling evidence of harassing behavior over time, not a one-off event.

Players who have been online for under 50 hours are considered new players and subject to additional protections. You may identify a new player by the honours line "recently stepped through the Portal of Fate". It is considered sexual harassment to approach these players for sexual roleplay, and any harassment of such characters will be subject to greater punishments.

See also: HELP ISSUES.