September Extravaganza

During the month of September, you will be able to choose from a veritable cornucopia: present rewards, discounted lessons, and curio packages!

All throughout the month, for every 25 credits you purchase, you’ll receive a present as well. Even better is that for the first 100 credits you purchase, you’ll get an additional present for every 10 credits! That means purchasing the first 100 credits will net you 14 presents. You can review your progress with SHOWREWARDS. As with all promotions, this does not apply to No-Brainer credit packages though.

You will also be able to EXCHANGE PRESENTS, which lets you exchange 5 presents to form a glowing present. This glowing present has a 10% chance to be an Ultimate present, a 20% chance to be an Exceptional present or it will be a Superior present. The catch is this present will -not- reset your present counter even though it still adds to it.

When you open up a glowing present, up to 10 other players in the room will also receive and open a standard present. This friend-present is just your normal, run of the mill present.

Further, for those of you just getting into Lusternia, or those of you ready to try something new, you can now purchase lessons at discounted rates right off the website in September too.

And finally, you will be able to buy curio packages directly from the website. A number of curio packages that are only available in limited edition promotions are once again available as well. Among them:

  • race curios (for the sileni and nagasith races)
  • toys
  • masks
  • bubbles
  • batons
  • genies
  • treasure maps
  • poteen pots
  • macarons
  • feature curios

Check out the bottom of HELP CURIOS for the full list of curio-related helpfiles.

You will also be able to enjoy Double Experience Tuesdays and Tzaraziko’s Chaotic Thursdays. The former will double experience gain on Tuesdays and the latter will boost the chance of scoring critical hits on Thursdays.