The plight of Krug Fleshkeeper

A storm was brewing one night in mid-Shanthin when distressed shouts and accusations pierced through the otherwise pleasant sound of rainfall. Waykeeper Qistrel Strongleaf and Huskii Myeras of Serenwilde were the first to arrive at the Balach Swamp, where they found Krug Fleshkeeper, the orc butcher of the nearby village of Acknor, wallowing in the mud. It was soon revealed that poor Krug has lost his cleaver once again!

They were soon joined by Eiselle Mes’ard, Khnemu Dahyu, and Pyawr from Gaudiguch and by Tikki of Hallifax, who all first visited Tapif the Adventurer, to make sure that the young furrikin is safe given his history with Krug. It turned out that the orc Krug has developed a new hobby of chasing after furrikin farmers in the fields of Acknor, and one fled to the swamp! In his chase, Krug tripped over a bull alligator and dropped his precious brand-new cleaver in the mud.

The assembled adventurers debated at first if they should even aid the orc, considering the events that led Krug to lose his cleaver. Still, eventually, they were persuaded and the search begun. It was Huskii who found the cleaver buried in the mud, and Krug was elated to see his cleaver once again. Such elation did not persist though, as the party blamed the orc for being mean to the furrikin and tried to make him promise never to chase the farmers ever again. Krug in return pleaded with them to think of the hungry orc children that will not get their meat and begged for the return of his beloved cleaver.

For an entire day, they haggled and bartered, and at the end, the orc promised to do a special orc cookout to celebrate the return of his cleaver, and that he will not chase Estelbar farmers. The orc butcher received the tool of his trade and sent the party to hunt the swamp for alligators, turtles, and pythons for the cookout. The joined forces made quick work of gathering the beasts, and as the final alligator was brought, Krug cheered in joy and dismissed the party. After all, he promised an orc cookout and orc cookouts are orc-only.

Furious, the party considered slaying the butcher, but instead went to Chieftain Grang to complain about the butcher and his hobby, at which point the chief laughed and agreed with Krug. Not to leave empty-handed, the group released the furrikin farmer who resided in Acknor from the control of the orcs and brought her back to Estelbar, pleased that at least now, Krug the butcher has no farmers to chase.