October Anniversary Extravaganza

For the month of October, we’re running an anniversary present extravaganza with a twist. For every 25 credits you purchase for the month of October, you’ll receive a present as well. Even better is that for the first 100 credits you purchase, you’ll get an additional present for every 10 credits! That means purchasing 100 credits will net you 14 presents!

To sweeten the pot, we are adding the ability to EXCHANGE PRESENTS, which lets you exchange 5 presents to form a glowing present. This glowing present has a 10% chance to be an Ultimate present, a 20% chance to be an Exceptional present or it will be a Superior present. The catch is this present will -not- reset your present counter even though it still adds to it.

But wait, there’s even more! When you open up a glowing present, up to 10 other players in the room will also receive and open a standard present. This friend-present is just your normal, run of the mill present.

In addition, rather than have a special day of the week, October will have entire special weeks. Please enjoy the return of D’varsha’s Illuminating Weeks!

For every consecutive day you’re logged in, you will progressively receive an ever-increasing experience bonus (to a max of 100%). If you miss logging in a day, you will restart over on day 1 and the count will start over. After day 7, you will restart on day 1. You can see your current bonus by checking your DEFenses. See HELP PROMOTIONAL DAYS for a detailed breakdown.