Macaron Curios

A new set of curios called Macaron Curios is now available on the website. This is a limited release that will only be available until the end of the month for the time being. They are consumable curios that offer very powerful bonuses that are balanced out by their limitations.

Macarons provide the following bonuses:

Red Macaron – doubles health vitals
Blue Macaron – doubles mana vitals
Pink Macaron – doubles ego vitals
Scarlet Macaron – boosts health regeneration to 20% every 10 seconds
Azure Macaron – boosts mana regeneration to 20% every 10 seconds
Rose Macaron – boosts ego regeneration to 20% every 10 seconds
Lavender Macaron – increases critical hits to 100%
Orange Macaron – increases aethercrits to 100%
Green Macaron – increases experience gain by 1000% (not in Endzones)
Brown Macaron – increases essence gain in Endzones by 20x for a single run

Please see HELP MACARON CURIOS for notes on usage and various limitations that apply to them.