Macaron curios are rare curios that offer exceptionally powerful bonuses when consumed. 

CURIO CONSUME <curio> to gain the bonus.

- unless stated otherwise, the bonus will last for an hour
- only one bonus can be active at a time
- consuming the macaron destroys it
- macaron bonuses stack with other bonuses

Red Macaron      - doubles health vitals 
Blue Macaron     - doubles mana vitals 
Pink Macaron     - doubles ego vitals 
Scarlet Macaron  - boosts health regeneration to 20% every 10 seconds
Azure Macaron    - boosts mana regeneration to 20% every 10 seconds
Rose Macaron     - boosts ego regeneration to 20% every 10 seconds
Lavender Macaron - increases critical hits to 100% 
Orange Macaron   - increases aethercrits to 100% 
Green Macaron    - increases experience gain by 1000% (not in Endzones)
Brown Macaron    - increases essence gain in Endzones by 20x for a single run

If rubbed, they will only transform into other macaron curio pieces (or aethergoop). They presently cannot be gained by converting lessons or from the Wheel of Tzaraziko. Curio of Curios cannot be used to complete Macaron Curios but Wondercrystals can.

Due to the powers they offer, macaron bonuses come with a handful of limitations. Active bonuses will become inactive for the duration of certain scenarios and then resume.

- player engages in combat 
- player enters the arena
- there are active world games or challenges taking place (Hamsterhunt, Death, Harmony, Justice, etc.)
- the player is inside enemy territory of other organisations 
- the player starts an Endzone run

- Note*: You cannot use the Curio of Curios to complete macaron curios.

Abusing the above scenarios to suspend the timer is against the rules.