World Forum Explores Taurian History

On the final day of the year 620 CE, the Mistress of the Forum announced that there would be a guest lecturer in residence for the coming year. The lecture concerned the history of the taurian people, their spiritual groups known as nerebo, and the complex variations found in other taurian groups both past and present.

At Miska’s announcement, adventurers from all over the Basin came to hear the guest speaker: Faragan, Inagin, Machlana and Nirrain of New Celest; Arorris, Havyn, Lufir, Uzriel, Vareth and Veldrin of Magnagora; Xiran of Serenwilde; Evette of Glomdoring; Cillian of Hallifax; and Hiresh and Sorsha of Gaudiguch.

For those who could not make the inaugural reading, Miska announced that their guest would be in residence through the remainder of the year, and those wishing to hear her lecture needed only to ask. Time shall tell whether this lecture represents a renewed fervor amongst the scholastic community, or merely the enthusiasm of a single researcher.