On the Road

It was the middle of autumn when Voarag Dragnet set off on a trip that would transform her life. Up till that point, she spent most of her days mining in any crevice she came upon, refining her finds, and then travelling village to village selling her wares. But recent developments encouraged her to try to settle down and open up a more permanent location near Avechna’s Peak. Curious to see if there would be a wider market for her goods, she undertook to visit every great nation of the Basin of Life in turn.

In New Celest, she queried the Paladins Inagin La’Saet and Romaan D’Varden about their preferences for armour and weaponry. Both replied in unison: steel. Strong, reliable, and gets the job done. The Minister of Trade, Faragan Ladyn, remarked that they definitely trade all types of metals and that he foresaw jewellers and enchanters alike being eager to visit Voarag’s shop. Though quite tempted to push a Paladin sleeping on the job into the Pool of Stars, she left without causing an incident. In a chance meeting with Cheliyi Lunarose later in the month, Voarag also learnt of a great need for platinum for their Aquachemancers and pearls for just about anything.

Next up was Serenwilde where Voarag came across Nialla Myeras and many others once they made their way to the Moonhart Mother. There, she learnt from Nialla and Lendren Myeras-Starfall of the significance of silver due to its reflective nature that is used to represent Mother Moon in their crafts. Prompted by Barrin Strongleaf and Ialie Starfall, Voarag revealed that she dabbles in a little bit of forging herself and that she picked it up from her mother, Korue. Though she scarcely wanted to leave the good company of the folks she met, duty called and so she set off on the road again. Though not before falling into a river on her way out.

After warming up with some of Risadril Aeleris’ famous stew at the nearby waystation, she made her way up to Hallifax where she queried numerous custodians, comptrollers, and city administrators in vain. It was not until she came across Nelras Shevat, Ashira Ka’liati, and Zalan Shevat, that she learnt that they use vast amounts of silver for science and experiments. Though what those were exactly, they did not reveal. She also learnt of the city’s fascination with gemstones and the tense situations that arose in the past because of that. Fearing plummeting to her death, which she barely avoided on her way up, she was escorted out of the city by Nelras and bid fair winds.

Quite eager to take it easy, as she had been on the road awhile now, Voarag headed for Gaudiguch next. There she met Hiresh Myeras, Vyell D’Cente, Xypher Stormcrow, and Amami, who explained the city’s fascination with gold – from its fiery tones resembling fire, through the radiance of the sun itself contained therein, and on its purpose as an agent of change and wealth ending. Gaudiguch regarded gold as a favourite for all things. They also professed their high regard for marble which they use in high quantities to memorialise Tzaraziko. Though eager to continue, Voarag found herself becoming quite fond of the places she was visiting and promised to do so again. Especially to stop by the Wasted Wakabi, as recommended by Hiresh.

She stopped by Magnagora next, hoping to gather tips for how to approach Glomdoring. There she met with Uzriel d’Vanecu, Vareth, Arae Villarreal, Loretta, and Canisse at Atropos Plaza. In Magnagora, iron was the name of the game. Iron far as the eye can see. From fanciful iron gas lamps, to enormous construction sites, and Geochemantic reagents. The Geomancer Zau d’Vanecu herself professed all metals and gems favourable for all of them were refined by the Earth. They proudly spoke of their mines in Angkrag and mentioned disputes with the Dwarven Kingdoms. Having ran into similar issues, Voarag could sympathise. Before she headed out to Glomdoring, she gathered up suggestions for sights to see next time she visits and then set off.

Warned to expect being stalked by shadows, thornbeasts, and spiders, Voarag bravely ventured into Glomdoring. The warnings were not enough. By the time she finally came across Motyl, she was out of breath and flinching at every shadow. They were joined by Gael An’Ryshe, quite the contrast to Motyl’s bubbly personality, who queried Voarag extensively before offering back any information whatsoever. When finally they sat about to discussing metals used by Glomdoring, Gael revealed that their weaponry is not about glamour but utility – black steel was all they needed. Joining their discussion, Xenthos An’Ryshe also revealed that they often adorn weapons or jewelry with rubies for the eye of Crow, and sometimes obsidian and onyx. Though she wished to stay and see the fabled Black Tower and Drums of the Dead, Voarag accepted Gael’s offer to be led out of the forest in one piece.

There would be time to travel and see the sights in the future, but now was time to seize the moment and open her shop. She made her way north up the highway, into the pilgrim camp, and further into the woods, where streams from a small lake met. With Cheliyi and Esei Shee-Slaugh for company, she pitched her tent and prepared her wares for display. Before long, merchants from all over were stopping by the fir grove, and a new chapter in the eager orclach’s life has begun under Avechna’s aegis.